Comment Of The Day: Don't Sit There, That's Where The Sweatshirts Live

Via Volvo

Today is the day we ask ourselves: how many seats do our cars actually have?

Earlier I wrote that Volvo’s newest top-of-the-line car has three seats: there’s the one up front for the chauffeur, there are two in the back for the luxurious chauffeur-ees, and the other seats are occupied by a fridge and a shoe cubby.


Yes, a shoe cubby. And I think this is an astute biz decision from Volvo. Rich people don’t have friends. Rich people have expensive shoes.

But! Perhaps this top-of-the-market space allocation is not as alien as I initially assessed. Perhaps I have been more familiar with this storage-over-seating concept than I had even realized. Reader GlitterbombFarts:


This is so deeply true. There are people who I’ve known who, no matter how many times they drive me or other friends around, have to spend the first minutes by their house rearranging phones and rags and unopened containers of oil and spare tools and oh my god it’s me it’s been me all along someone help someone help meeeeeeeeeee.

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