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Comment Of The Day: Dilution Of Meaning Edition

Illustration for article titled Comment Of The Day: Dilution Of Meaning Edition
Image: Porsche

When Porsche announced this morning that it had broken a new Nurburgring lap time record with the all electric Taycan, I was intrigued. Which record could that be? No way it’s faster than the NIO, so it can’t be the fastest production EV. No way it’s faster than Lynk & Co.’s crazy quasi-race-car from last week, so it can’t be the fastest sedan.


Oh, it’s the quickest lap from an electric sedan? How far into the weeds are we going to go with these “records”?


Clearly when you can’t beat a record that exists, you invent your own. Porsche has done a few more that it hasn’t even advertised.

Well done Canthook, you gave me a reason to chuckle this afternoon, and for that I’m awarding you today’s COTD crown. That said, if this comes true and one of these OEMs tries to break a made up record like this, I’m coming after you and supplying a mean noogie. Maybe a rug burn, too.

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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Haha, I like this. Reminds me of far reaching ESPN stats, “Steph Curry is undefeated when he carpools to the games with his aunt, after eating a hot Pocket, in New Orleans.”