I bet the joke wasn’t actually very funny.
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North Korea tends not to be on the bleeding edge of techno-wizardry. That hasn’t stopped them, however, from pretending as such. The government has delusions of power and splendor, sure, but the reality is that most of the country is a wretched hole of deep poverty and oppression. But that hasn’t stopped those delusions of grandeur from spreading to the country’s state airline, Air Koryo.

Or is that Ilyushins?

All puns aside, North Korea is horrible, where people are sent off to gulags for the slightest offense and millions have starved to death.

In truth, Air Koryo only has a few Ilyushins left, with many Cold War-era Soviet Tupolevs and Antonovs rounding out the fleet.


Whatever, they’re all still garbage.

Congratulations, Ash78 - Give Elsa a Subaru, on your COTD win. May you never be afflicted with Air Koryo, and may the leader of its government owner burn in hell.