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Comment Of The Day: Dad's Resale Edition

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When it comes to protecting your resale value, you can choose something in grayscale or maybe if you’re feeling risky you can get a variety of red. Nobody takes risks anymore. Either on the road, or on the Formula E grid. I guess the teams are concerned about getting some residual value out of their chassis at the end of the season.


Maybe it’s because Mercedes and Porsche joined the grid this year and infected the rest of the teams with their German-ness? It’s a boring selection of red, white, and black. Why can’t all of the teams just decide not to use those colors ever again? I think that’s what finally killed the WEC LMP1 class was a lack of color.

While FE has an infinitely more enjoyable race product than Formula One has in recent years, at least some F1 teams take risks with their liveries. You gotta hand it to Renault Yellow and Racing Point Pink.


I thoroughly enjoyed this comment Citric, so you’ll be awarded a COTD trophy. It comes in white, red, or black. Which would you like?

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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