As everyone already knows, America is the greatest nation in the world. We have the handsomest people, the tastiest queso, and other qualities that make us the best, ever. I make a point of telling our Hungarian writer Máté Petrány that every morning he comes to work.

We’re perfect and awesome at everything, except one thing — driving stick. Americans generally suck at that, and when sales of manual-equipped vehicles climb past six percent, it’s a huge deal.


The side effect of this is that a stick shift makes for an insanely great theft deterrent. We’ve proven this over and over and over again on Jalopnik. But just in case you need more knowledge dropped on your ass, here’s longtime reader $kaycog to do just that:


Very true, and a solid comment of the day win. I’m also not gonna lie, I’m really curious what kind of award $kaycog will give herself for COTD.

So congrats on your commenting victory, $kaycog! May your future be filled with endless smoke-filled Ford GT burnouts!

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