Comment of the Day: Coachbuilt Edition

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One of the most exciting prospects for the future, as we still sit at the dawn of the electric car, is that there is potential for hundreds of smaller boutique automotive manufacturers to crop up. With a reasonably standardized electrified “skateboard” chassis, it would perhaps be possible for the coachbuilding craze of the 1920s to arise anew.


For each of us complaining that cars have become too homogeneous in appearance, this advancement will be an absolute boon. Give strange designs a chance in low build quantities, and bring some personality back to your car buying experience. This is a time for risk takers to shake up the car industry. Just don’t call it disrupting.  


It sounds like AudiB5Hawaii and I are riding on similar wavelengths. Congrats on your COTD victory, AudiB5, you deserve it. Here’s hoping that these small manufacturers of your dreams are capable of passing crash safety standards.

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Bradford Galt

Only under the small manufacturer law and if dozens of companies start building a couple hundred car bodies a year each it won’t be long before the safety mom lobby puts a stop to it. It’s not like these coach builders will be able to afford the proper government crash certifications or have parts down to the armrests that comply with federal regulation. (I suppose with armrests they could try and use the stock ones)

In any case they will labeled death traps bought by unsuspecting consumers or some other such nonsense.

Also body and frame passenger cars until the end of the crown vic and of course SUVs did not create any coach building revival. I doubt electrics will either.