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Of course a Toyota Tacoma can rally. Anything can rally. Maybe not incredibly well, but if you get behind the wheel and point your car at some dirt, it’ll rally. Or at least it’ll rally for a little while. Depending on what kind of car you have, it might do better than you’d expect. A truck with good ground clearance and a greater-than-2 number of driven wheels is probably pretty good.

I used to run rallycross with the Detroit region SCCA when I was in college. I raced my 1992 Ford Crown Victoria with a Ford Racing limited slip differential and proper Pirelli rally tires. It was a riot. And I almost won the Prepared RWD championship that season, but I missed a round and lost to [what else?] a Toyota Tacoma.


The point is:

And for your bravery, Fuzzy86, you have been awarded the honor of COTD today. Thank you for your e-service.

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