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Comment Of The Day: Bond's Binks Edition

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Image: Bonhams

The 1990s were a wild time, and films of the era were even wilder. Back in 1995 James Bond was lured away from the plush and gorgeous Jaguar-based Ford-owned Aston Martins of the day to put around in BMWs, perhaps most infamously the then-new BMW Z3 in the Caribbean. The Z3, nor the Bond who drove it, has not aged particularly well in the eyes of fans.


The Z3 was an interloper in an otherwise polished franchise of films. It stuck out like a sore thumb in comparison to the Bond cars that came before it and after. It was an unfortunate part of the canon. Just like another addition to another famous franchise, which would come just four years later in the heady days of summer 1999. They both even look a bit awkward.


Ash78, metinks yousa pretty hot at dis commenting ting. And now I need to go take a hot shower. Congrats on your COTD victory.

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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Hey, at least this movie was saved by the video game.

(As long as you don’t go back and actually play, as I can promise you your memories of it are WAY better than the game actually is).