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I’ve never tripped on acid, and I’ve never been close to anything resembling a gymnast. I have flipped a Chrysler vehicle in my time, and I can say it isn’t pleasant. That experience tells me dropping 707 horsepower in something like the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a recipe for disaster.


Or, as commenter boobytrapsandtreasure so eloquently put it under our article on the new why-is-this-happening Hellcat Jeep GC:

This thing will flip more times than a gymnast on acid.

Somehow I can imagine exactly what a gymnast flipping on acid would be like, and I can’t picture a more accurate metaphor for the future of the Grand Cherokee Hellcat.

If you’ve got the cash to flip, please film everything you do with your acid-gymnast car, and congrats to boobytrapsandtreasure on your COTD win!

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