Comment Of The Day: A Natural High Edition

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In high school a friend of mine frequently wore a t-shirt proudly emblazoned with “Ballooning Is A Natural High” across the front. I laughed at the double-meaning joke at the time, but have always felt that there is no way ballooning can match the high I get from fixing something—anything really, but particularly cars—properly the first time. The rush I get when I fire up a long-dead car with a new properly-gapped set of ignition points is difficult to match.


Why do we work on cars ourselves? Usually it’s an attempt to save a buck or two. In my case, it’s that compounded by the fact that I find pure joy in the act of laying on the cold concrete floor of my garage under a 2500 pound artifact of days gone by.


For putting how many of us feel into words, Eastern Pacific has earned today’s COTD crown. Thank you for this. And congratulations on your carburetor repair.

Stay off drugs, work on cars. You can really only afford one of them anyway. 

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Margin Of Error

I absolutely hate working on cars, but as someone who enjoy peeling, straining, cooking and Canning 40 pounds of tomatoes for fun, I understand that a hobby is a hobby.

That being said, you can like cars and not like working on them, that does not makes you a lesser “enthusiast”.