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Today we learned that BMW finally spiced up the i8 range with a new “Protonic Red” color, separating from the blue, black, and grey tones of the other, more boring i8s on the road. Unfortunately, the new color highlighted a few interesting details in the rear design of the car.

As user PatBateman pointed out, the rear design of the color highlighted by the new red tone inadvertently happens to look like an animated character in a helmet, possibly flustered:

I can’t tell if this car is red because it’s still trying to poop out that Porsche, or if it’s because it’s a buck-toothed cartoon character with a helmet on, ready to do battle.


Now I’ve seen the “Porsche-eating” i8 mentioned before, but I will forever now imagine this cute buck-toothed character glaring back at me.

Can’t be unseen.

Congratulations on your COTD win!

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