Comment of the Day: 2JZ-Swapping the New Supra

Photo: Toyota
Photo: Toyota

The new 2019 Toyota Supra is coming in hot, and Toyota reminded us of this when it released today a short video of the car’s inline-six engine growling. The noise from that new Supra motor got one reader thinking about about the engine that made the Supra name so legendary: the 2JZ-GTE.

I’ll let commenter Eddie Brannan take it from here:


DopamineFiend’s prediction is right. The 2JZ crowd is quick, and should have that twin-turbo, iron block, closed deck inline-six bolted into that engine bay in no time. Or at least I hope they will, because that’d be awesome.

For your fine comments, Eddie Branan and DopamineFiend, enjoy this video honoring the 2JZ:

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Probably Not Moriarty

Bonus points if they provide proof of overnight parts from Japan.