Comment Of The Day: 2 Jay-Zs Edition

(Image Credit: JayZVEVO/YouTube)

Today we were talking “best names for engines” and well, you might not think the basic letter-and-number ones would be the funniest but don’t worry, this is where our commenters come to shine.


After damnthisburnersux made the connection between Toyota’s powerhouse known as the 2JZ and the self-proclaimed Best Rapper Alive, Margin Of Error stepped up and found the best Supra engine-bay picture ever:

For that internet gem, I bestow upon Mr. Margin today’s Comment Of The Day! And a song for his efforts.

I heard Jay-Z happens to have a new album out now, but I’m old school, so you can all sit through one of the classics:

And who knew Jay hung out with Dale Jr. and Danica?!

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