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The above title sounds like a throwaway line from a crumpled page in Bruce Springsteen's circular file, but it actually happened last Friday at a border checkpoint in Calexico. Agents became suspicious when the driver of the '91 Mercury acted nervous during a routine inspection. They noticed a nonstandard board under the car's bumper, and when they removed the grille they found a Chinese woman, who was taken to the hospital for treatment of unspecified injuries. Meanwhile, the 27-year-old Mexicali resident piloting the vehicle was booked on human trafficking charges. Click through for a crazy gallery of what people endure to cross the border hidden in vehicles. We're especially big fans of the seat people.


Officials: Woman Found In Car Engine At Border [NBC11 via The Car Connection]

AahhhAAAAAAhhhhh-AAAAH! The Immigrant Seat [Internal]


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