Coming Soon: V6 Corvette?

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Earlier this year, Motor Trend reported on a new V6-powered Corvette it dubbed the Sting Ray, which was reportedly in deep cover. Powered by a version of the Impala's 3.9-liter V6, the Kappa-platform roadster in development was reported to be Chevy's own version of the Saturn Sky / Pontiac Solstice. Now, dealer Rick "Corvette" Conti says the V6 'Vette is closer than we think, but won't be named "Sting Ray."

I hear the car is to be a 6 speed auto with $$$ tag of $29,900 - out sometime in 2008...more soon and who knows what Detroit Auto Show will bring us in January...


It makes sense that GM would want to leverage its new roadster architecture across the company, but we have one question: Who gets the V8 version, Buick? [Thanks to Sebastian for the tip.]

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No. A thousand times no.