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Everyone loves truck nuts! But they are under massive legislative assault and may be banned, as we have already noted today. But you know what? Who cares! Because truck nuts, in true American fashion, are a product that breeds innovation. A company that isn't a truck nut manufacturer has now released the perfect accessory to complement the truck nuts: Hitch Hands. And Hitch Hands include a bonus.


The hand can be molded to any shape you desire. So, yes, it's theoretically capable of cupping, or cradling, or— dare we say?—caressing the truck nuts. The Hitch Hand is available for $40. And for those still having a hard time understanding what the hell we're jabbering about, go to the Hitch Hands "Dumb Ass Questions" section, which will likely dumb you down even more. [Hitch Hands via Geekologie]

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