Coming Soon: Larger Cars from Seat

Poor Seat. The Spanish VW division has taken Jalopnik's Most Likely to Be Ignored award three years running. Even the company's gloriously ungainly Altea Freetrack failed to garner homepage inches. But it's not personal. In fact, as a goodwill gesture (and a nod in the geographical direction of Almudena Fernandez) we're all over these new C- and D-segment models the company says it's working on. The company's boss Erich Schmitt says the larger models are planned for 2009. The cars will both suck up excess capacity at the company's Martorell, Spain plant, as well as give dealers a path to higher margins. It's part of Seat's recovery plan for the division Schmitt hopes will cut losses, increase profitability and add global relevance.


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