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Come To Jaloptoberfest, Our Beck's Beergasm!

Illustration for article titled Come To Jaloptoberfest, Our Becks Beergasm!

Hey, you, do you love beer? Jalopnik and one of our auto-obsessed sponsors, Beck's Beer, are throwing a little Oktoberfest party next week, and we'd like to see you there. We're calling it, err, umm, Jaloptoberfest and it's on our parent company HQ's roof deck in the heart of Manhattan. More specifically, the fashionista-friendly SoHo and it runs from 7-10 PM next Thursday, October 23rd. We'd like to see you (and a +1) there to party with those of us from the Jalopnik team who'll be in attendance (as of now it's Wert). The only problem is we have to limit the number of people attending to just 100. In the interests of fairness, we've set up a form after the jump that we'll need you to fill out before this Friday at noon. We'll select 100 (and your +1) people (over the age of 21) at random from the list and e-mail you this Friday afternoon. Hit the jump to enter because we hate drinking alone. Even when it's Beck's. Beck's Beer Presents: Jaloptoberfest Gawker HQ Roof Date: October 23, 2008 — 7:00 to 10:00 PM Food and all the Beck's Beer you can drink will be provided Note: By filling out the form, readers will be opting-in to Beck's Key Club. As always, standard contest rules apply.


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