A ‘64 Thunderbird right at the top of Inwood back in summer 2012. Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

Now’s the time when we escape from the office and go hunt down cool cars parked on the street. Today, I am on something of a mission.

Several years ago I saw a late ‘60s/early ‘70s full size GM sedan parked way up by Fort Tryon Park in the upper reaches of Manhattan. I was driving, it was a steep and narrow road, I only got a glimpse.

I want to find it again.

I don’t think I will, but there’s something else that I think I will be able to find way up in that it’s-not-quite-Inwood-yet-but-we-have-to-be-above-Washington-Heights-by-now area that Wikipedia tells me is called Fort George. It is somewhat silly. Wish me luck.