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Seniors at Colorado's Fruita Monument High School pulled off a Jalop-worthy prank when they chopped a section out of a junk AMC Eagle, slid it around the flag pole and welded the car back together.

In one of the most ambitious senior prank stories we've heard in a while, Fruita, Colorado seniors decided to use a long defunct AMC Eagle lying around someone's backyard as the centerpiece of their prank. They removed the rear door and cut a notch in the floor and roof then transported it on a covered trailer at night to the schools flagpole, where they slid the car around the pole, welded on a roof patch and reattached the door.


Since no property damage was done the seniors will be getting off scot-free as long as they agree to haul the car away eventually. We're pretty proud of these kids as our senior prank only involved a truck bed full of horse manure and the front entrance of the school. (Hat Tip to Ash78)
[GJ Sentinal]

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