Colorado Officials Allegedly Steer Traffic Toward Toll Road

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Bloggers at have uncovered an effort by some Colorado government officials to steer drivers onto a beltway around Denver — built through a public-private partnership — to protect the road's developers. According to the site, Local officials dropped the speed limit on a nearby two-lane, rural highway from 55 MPH to 40 MPH, and added a number of seemingly unnecessary traffic signals, allegedly to protect the revenue stream of the tolls. The state's highway authority also signed "non-compete" agreements with several municipalities that prevent the construction or improvement of any road that competes with the toll road, E-470. Colorado isn't the only state where such horse trading take place in the course of public-private business. Trouble is, they say, these practices are seldom covered by the local press. We only first heard about them on the "Dukes of Hazzard." At least drivers don't have to play the Boar's Nest, like the Gatlin Brothers did. [Thanks to RD for the tip.]


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