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Kelley Faylor was driving along in Burlington, CO, apparently rather inebrious, with his pals Gage Cloyd and Korey Schulte. Cloyd and Schulte decided to climb out the sunroof to do some car surfing. We're not sure what happened next, but the two ended up on the hood and then on the ground. Schulte was badly injured, and Cloyd's life was cut short after being run over. Faylor is charged with DUI, vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. Now Faylor may have been a dumbass for drinking and driving, and even more of a dumbass for allowing his friends onto the roof of his car. And admittedly, our evidence is sparse, but really, homicide? Assault? Seems to us he should get slapped with a DUI and a vehicular manslaughter charge. But then again, such is the price one pays for hoonage. [Thanks to Eric for the tip.]

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