What's The Least Successful Racing Program Of All Time?

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Who dares, wins. Unless they lose. Then they don’t win.

Racing by definition means there will be winners and losers, but some are more notorious for being the latter than others. That’s our question of the day: What’s the least successful racing program of all time?


I like Toyota just fine because when they want to take a break from making appliances and do cool stuff they’re quite good at it. But they weren’t great at racing in Formula One in the 2000s. When they ran in F1 Toyota was spending hundreds of millions of dollars, at one point more than anyone else, only to secure no race wins, no championships, and only 13 podium finishes in eight years. Ouch.

But maybe they’re not the least successful program out there. Who would that be?

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Michael Ballaban

The Life F1 team. As noted in my previous article about them:

Sir Jack Brabham’s son, Gary, attempted to qualify in the first two races of the 1990 season. Neither time he managed to finish his qualifying lap. In the qualifying session for his second race, the car ran for about 400 yards before it came to a stop.

The mechanics hadn’t put any oil in it.