Man oh man, the World Cup gets me so PUMPED. Just seeing all those people kick a ball, with feet, makes you just wanna... smash a car? I guess? That was the thought process, at least, of these fans of the Colombian soccer team in Queens, New York, after their team won a soccer match on Saturday.

Colombia beat Uruguay 2-0 in the game of footie, and instead of destroying tires like the Greek fans did in another part of Queens, the Colombia fans decided to smash some poor BMW Z4's rear window.

Details on what led up to the car-smashing are a bit thin, though Latin Timesfound a Facebook thread from a local radio station where Colombia fans are discussing the issue. Most are dismayed, many are embarrassed, and a few are saying that the car-smashing is a result of the Z4 hitting a couple, and the cameras only started rolling afterwards.

If you know what led up to this, let us know in the comments below.

Either way, don't smash cars. Smash beers, on your forehead, or something. I don't know how soccer celebrations work.