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Our drag-racing historian pal Cole Coonce β€” whose ghost we we we hung out with up in Eagle Rock last night, shooting the shit about nitro-powered CBXs, real estate in the greater Los Angeles area, listening to far too much of The Fall and whacking ping-pong balls about after the ladies at the shindig all headed off for MOCA with a nostalgia fuel funny car driver in tow β€” has a new bit up on Drag Racing Online about premature reports of his untimely demise while navigating for Mickey Spillane up on Mulholland. We're pretty sure he's still alive. His handshake's pretty firm for one from the spirit world, and his table-tennis game ain't bad, either. At least, it's no worse than ours. We're gonna go listen to "Planet Caravan" and ponder our navel now.

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