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We, like Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert, have a fear bordering on terror when it comes to bears. The thought of what happened to the owners of a vintage red 1964 Buick convertible this holiday weekend over in Lake Tahoe gives us the chills. A hungry bear cub decided a little pick-a-nick basket was the way to go, and sat down in the back seat for a lovely little luncheon of barbeque-chicken-and-jalapeno pizza — and then washed it all down with a swig of Jack Daniels, Absolut vodka and tonic and a beer the bear snagged from the cooler. Let's be clear here folks — we don't care how much you don't want to finish that pizza — stop feeding the bears! It only encourages them. And as we can see, they're now willing to do just about anything to get what they really want — our liquor.

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