Cocoa Puffs '72: Like Nitrous Oxide For Tin Lizzies!

Gramps pushing Sonny The Cuckoo Bird's horseless carriage across the wasteland, where their carcasses will soon become food for birds that eat rotting corpse flesh rather than artificially flavored and colored breakfast cereal… but wait! Gramps whips out some Cocoa Puffs and pure liquid methamphetamine milk, and the resulting frenzy bounces the Model T all the way to the nearest gas station. This ad was much more successful than the one in which Sonny slaughters an entire NVA division in Quang Tri.

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Manwich - now Keto-Friendly

Anyone with kids should be turned off by this commercial... 'cause

with the amount of sugar in that cereal, you're kids will start

bouncing around the same way... and it won't be fun or good.