Clubman Waiting in the Sky: More on Mini's Wagon

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AutoExpress is adding its two quid to the Mini Clubman debate. AE pluralizes the coming model's half-sized rear door(s), which insiders have said will be in singular — that is, passenger side (US) only. (Of course, that could be a typo.) They also say the rear window is split down the middle, while the license plate will fall to the bumper. They also say the Mini will take the Traveller name, though we've already heard trademark issues will press the Clubman into service blowing our minds. Let all the children boogie.

Mini Traveller [AutoExpress via Autoblog]

Over the Back Fence: Mini to Call Wagon Clubman, Launch it in 2008; Spy Photos: 2008 Mini Clubman Estate [internal]


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