Crazy-Ass Cop Shoots Wildly From Motorcycle During Urban Police Chase

This morning, we wrote about how silly Harleys are as police bikes. Tonight, we bring you proof that a.) BMWs are better for chasing a perp on and off-road, and b.) that shooting a gun while riding through a city is pure fucking madness. But sometimes it works, kind of!

This video, which was posted to the South Africa Intelligence Bureau’s Facebook (not kidding), shows a motorcop in a high speed pursuit riding through a city while firing his gun at the car he’s pursuing.


The car finally seems to come to a stop, and he fires a few more shots for good measure before dismounting, swapping in a new clip, and approaching the vehicle.

His backup arrives as the driver surrenders, but by then the officer says he’s unleashed an entire clip—mostly into the houses and businesses they were passing.

If you’re wondering how this level of craziness could happen, consider the Intelligence Bureau’s video caption:

Just another day for our Law enforcement members! This member went above and beyond to make sure he got his suspect!

Awesome (FPV) First person viewer footage...

With all of our own issues with police violence, anyone else now suddenly glad that our cops still insist on riding shitty Harleys?

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Eddie Brannan



Not to be a jerk about this, but clip and magazine are two very different things.