Here's The Cutest Police Dog Wearing The Tiniest Bulletproof Vest

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Nine-Week-Old German Shepard "Tuco," ironically named after Breaking Bad villain Tuco Salamanca, doesn't even fit into this doggie-sized bulletproof vest yet (squee!), but I bet he'll fit into your heart.Look at those little paws!

Someday he might rip your arm of for daring to defy authority, or tear your car to shreds because you haven't vacuumed it since your roommate ashed his joint on the floormat. But for now the interrogations end at "Whoozagoodboy?!"

Boston Magazine says Tuco is owned by Boston Police dog handler Troy Caisey; "a 22-year veteran of the force who has trained more than 350 canines." This little pup will join the ranks of the department's equally adorable and terrifying K-9 Unit (sniffin' ass and findin' grass since 1963!) if he passes police training.


The photo above will be in the 2015 Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog calendar, which includes pictures of police pups from all over the state by photographer Jonathan Kozowky. You can get it here for $10, which Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog will use to "support Massachusetts police dogs, helping provide vests, essential equipment, training, & dogs."

The picture was shared to Reddit on Monday, which responded with an informative analysis of what a Dog might sound like with a Boston accent. (Saved you a click: "Baaaahk!")

Image via Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog

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  • There's nothing cute about drug-sniffing dogs.
  • He/she is cute now, will have the potential to either ruin or save lives later.
  • He's cute until he's full grown and being used as a weapon.
  • This is actually pretty sad. That puppy will have to put its life on the line countless times for a corrupt system of law enforcement without ever having a choice.
  • He's adorable till he finds your weed.
  • That's really nice until that dog is violating your constitutional rights during the next city-wide sweep.
  • i wonder which minority or peaceful protester they'll set him on first when he's all grown up.
  • Were he will be used to arrest minorities and people under 30 for possessing marijuana
  • So cute. He's got a long career in organized crime ahead of him.
  • Funny how they propagandize their dogs but then go and kill your dog. I guess your dog isn't special like theirs.
  • They can't wait to sick him on some negro children.
  • Pretty soon he'll be biting the flesh of the innocent until proven guilty
  • Poor little guy has no idea he's soon gonna be an accessory to the violation of human rights against his will :(
  • Just imagine all the lives that adorable dog with ruin
  • He also won't be trained in finding drugs. He'll be trained in following an officer's hand and if the officer deems the car worth searching, he'll say the dog found something.
  • Shame he'll be used to injure to some kid smoking weed one day.
  • "I'm gonna be used for soooo many small quantity drug busts and allowing my prick owner to illegally search people's cars! Yayyyyy!!!"
  • Aw, what a cute asset to the drug war
  • This is not a cute picture.. This is a puppy that will be raised to extort money from drug users.
  • He's so excited to start violating the civil rights of American citizens - how adorable!
  • Aww. Another cute, loving animal that will be raised to victimize people over drug possession and ruin their lives. So sad.
  • Gotta get em while they are young, before they know cops are the oppressors.