Click n' Clack Endorse Higher Fuel Economy Standards For Automakers

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Tom and Ray Magliozzi , better known as the co-hosts of NPR's Car Talk Click n' Clack, dropped a letter to the US House Select Committee on Global Warming that they endorse 35 mpg standards. The pair claimed

"When we're facing a future of global oil wars and economy-killing gasoline prices, perhaps having single commuters drive 5,000-pound SUVs is something we'll just have to learn to live without."


While we'd agree that a 5,000-pound SUV may be a bit much for most drivers, we're wondering how exactly a heavy-duty pickup for use on a job site's going to meet a 35 mpg requirement. Just askin'... (Hat tip to Eltonito!) [Detroit News]

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I don't understand the animosity toward Tom and Ray. The whole point of their show is, fix it. While they can be caught out from time to time recommending instead that the listener either replace or go ahead and purchase a new car, the whole raison d'etre of the show is, fix the car. Fix it yourself, send it to the shop, but fix it. Take an interest in this contraption you trust with the lives of yourself, loved ones, and random strangers.

Okay, maybe you just don't like Tom and Ray. That's fine. But I think they're pretty funny, and look forward to the show. I usually find myself coming up with the right answer, and am surprised to see so many Americans can't figure the answers out for themselves.