If you really think about it, a dashboard shouldn't be hard to get right. It's all about giving the driver the things they need while omitting the things they don't.

Ideally a tachometer should be right in the center with a speedometer close by. Performance cars should have proper gauges for things like oil pressure or boost if there's a turbocharger. Your eyes should be on the road, not distracted by the dashboard layout. 


At the same time, overly functional can also mean overly boring. That's why I like it when automakers go a little crazy every now and then. 

This brings us to our question of the day: What's the most ridiculous dashboard out there?

As you guys probably know by now, I love 80s cars. Someone has to. I love their weird quirks, like pop-up headlamps and automatic seat belts and yes, zany digital dashboards, like the one on this Subaru XT/Alcyone. Look, it's even got a little digital car in the center! Welcome to the future! 


It may not be the best from a functional standpoint, but it's ridiculous, and that's why I'm a huge fan. 

Your turn. Show us the most absurd dashes around. 

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