We all had to come home from the hospital somehow, whether it was on a bus, a train, in a plane, a unicycle, or in a car. What vehicle brought you into this world?

I'll start. I came home on a cold February day in my Mom's first generation Honda CRX (her's was white, but I don't have any pictures of it). At the time, my parents had the CRX and a Plymouth Colt Turbo (with the twin stick), so there wasn't much room for a youngster like me to go places, what with the metric ton of equipment required for a baby to survive.

That meant a large car was needed. And 'large car' in the 1980s meant VW Golf GT. Not a GTI, cause that would be a bit too insane.

What about you? How did you get home from the hospital? Show us the cars below.

(Thanks to @salynch for the inspiration!)