Classic Moments In Racing: Porsche Flip At Petit Le Mans

Petit Le Mans racing teams have been aware of the consequences of not adding enough downforce when visiting Road Atlanta after a series of aerobatic incidents. In this case, Yannick Dalmas and his Porsche 911 GT1 get major air in 1998, almost landing a perfect flip. A year later, the Mercedes CLC Le Mans racer did a similar flip at Road Atlanta, and a year after that it was BMW V12 LMR in the role of the tumbler. Do not try this at home, even if your home is an ALMS track.

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Raphael Orlove

Does anyone else know the old story of how once Tazio Nuvolari was racing and his car caught fire on the last lap of one of his races against Varzi? Well, he was driving along with the fire marshals chasing after the car, and not only did it burst into flames, but it then exploded and sent him flying out of the car, this being long before seatbelts were in use. Hell, not even everybody wore helmets back then. Determined to win the race, Nuvolari got up and then tried to run to the finish line fleeing from the fire marshals once more and getting disqualified for leaving his car. Just one more of Nuvolari's ridiculous misadventures on the tracks of Europe.