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Classic Ad Watch: The 1984 Ford Tempo's Sweet Matchbox Moves

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Tempo, was introduced as one of Ford's first front wheel drive vehicles in 1984 until its eventual replacement by FoMoCo in 1995 with the Contour. The Jack Telnack-designed compact shared platforms with the Ford Escort, and although this boxy compact was claimed to have "the world's most advanced automotive computer" and "more rear room than a Mercedes 300D," it still was seen by many a pundit as inferior to the re-designed '86 Camry (more horsepower), the '85 Accord (even more horsepower) and the '84 Cavalier (more sales). Still, despite the competition, the car sold rather well — and even merits a car club of its own. We can't help but think it was due to the decent fuel economy (28/43) and of course, as the commercial showed, the car's matchbox-style acrobatics — were indubitably displayed in real life.

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