The Tempo, was introduced as one of Ford's first front wheel drive vehicles in 1984 until its eventual replacement by FoMoCo in 1995 with the Contour. The Jack Telnack-designed compact shared platforms with the Ford Escort, and although this boxy compact was claimed to have "the world's most advanced automotive computer" and "more rear room than a Mercedes 300D," it still was seen by many a pundit as inferior to the re-designed '86 Camry (more horsepower), the '85 Accord (even more horsepower) and the '84 Cavalier (more sales). Still, despite the competition, the car sold rather well โ€” and even merits a car club of its own. We can't help but think it was due to the decent fuel economy (28/43) and of course, as the commercial showed, the car's matchbox-style acrobatics โ€” were indubitably displayed in real life.

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