Classic Ad Watch: Let Them Eat Crow

First there was the Buzzcocks shilling for Toyota. Uhm, no. Camping and Sport Utes have not ever been, nor will they ever be, punk rock. A beat up '91 Corolla plastered in xerox stickers and missing its hubcaps is punk rock, but camping? No. Next comes Iggy Pop croaking away for Cadillac with Teddy Bears. Closer! Detroit and Iggy do indeed have a solid connection after all. While these two examples of corporate adoption of punk rock heroes are vaguely disturbing, there is one musical association with automobiles that we would like to see go away now and forever. Please make Sheryl Crow stop whining on about winding roads for Subaru. With that, we serve up this '70s-era Subaru Leone commercial. Groovy musical artist unknown.

The Taming of the 'Ru: 1973 Subie Ad; It's All Toyota's Fault: Everybody's Ancient Nowadays [Internal]

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