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Classic Ad Watch: 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sport

Don't understand Japanese? No problemo- the two most important words in this Japanese ad are uttered in English: Rotary Engine! The early Cosmos were rare indeed, being built by hand and all, which is a damn shame- just look at that thing on the track!


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Yeah, that was an amazing car. I think i'm right in saying that its 0-60 time is still better than a Miata's.

If we're looking to induct a rotary car into the Jalopnik garage, and i think we should, i think the original Cosmo is probably one of the two best bets. (The other being the Cosmo JC, which is the last Cosmo ever made and a car that was both also ahead of its time and the only civilian source for the famous 3-rotor engine.)