Clarkson on the Skoda Octavia 4x4 Estate

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Okay, so these recurring dreams where we talk like Jeremy Clarkson still aren't abating, and we just noticed our brow furrowing as we type, much in the manner we imagine James May's would if Captain Slow had the same problem. And we just typed an IM message to Ray which in our head sounded like Richard Hammond. Yes, we're slowly going Wesley Willis on your asses, via Top Gear. We swear, we haven't been so damaged by a television show since V. Oh, and click the link if you wanna read Clarkson's take on a Skoda Octavia wagon. Maximum Skoda Day, continued via linkage!

Skoda Octavia FSI 4x4 estate [Times, UK]

Fell in Love with a Girl: Philly-Area Man Gets Hot for Skoda s Felicia [Internal]


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