Clarkson On the Alfa-Romeo Brera

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You stateside types might think the Brera is a pretty car. You might even wipe a bit of drool from your chin looking at pictures of it. You might even be praying nightly for its arrival on these shores. But the sheer beauty of this car needs to be seen in the metal to be appreciated. Alfa simply has the best-looking lineup of cars of any company in the world right now. When we walked their display in Paris, we couldn't find a styling dud in the bunch. The 8C Competizione is the dead-sexiest exotic since the Miura, and it's possibly less likely to catch fire. There. We said it.

Not even the 308 GTB or the pre-bumperette Countach can touch the 8C in the hotter-than-a-longshorman's-armpit department. And the Brera is simply yumtastic. No, it's not particularly fast. Yes, it's kind of pricey for what it is. But Clarkson thinks it might be the perfect replacement for your SUV. We'd surely replace ours with it. In half of one of Monica Bellucci's heartbeats.

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Look at the CO2 graphs. It's undeniable that we're pumping fossil fuels into the atmosphere and increasing CO2 levels. What are the implications? Well, any sane person would look to scientists specializing in climate to tell us. Their scientific consensus has been reached (see IPCC), it has only increased since 2001, we're seeing climate changes pretty much in accordance with the models, and a fucking car journalist just looks lazy and pathetic when he tries to say the science isn't there by unsubstantiated statements and vague ad hominem character attacks.