Clarkson Grows Elephant Nose In Net's Craziest Video Ever

We received an email from a friend in which they claimed to have just seen the "craziest video ever on the Internet." Now, forgive us for being skeptical, but that's an extraordinarily bold statement. The Internet is a big place and almost designed from the get-go as an outlet for the wacky and bizarre, once it graduated from being a means to communicate in the aftermath of nuclear Armageddon to a place to display funny pictures of cats and homebrewed celebrity pr0n. And yet, after a half-hour visit to the link, we were rocking back and forth in the corner contemplating what had just been witnessed.

There is simply no way the animated content we viewed was produced without the assistance of extremely illegal substances. The Wachowskis may be pushing the envelope on chemically aided imagination with their remake of Speed Racer, but this takes things to a whole new level. Above is a sample of outtakes we remixed. Pay attention for Jeremy Clarkson's head with an elephantine nose walking on four arms. Shudder. And for more, go to Cyriak

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