Remember Citroën's wonderful Technospace MPV concept from February? Well, after showing it to the public at the Geneva Motor Show last month, the French put an indicator on it and introduced their newest car as the new C4 Picasso. I just love the fact that they haven't cut back the styling at all, so a viva la France is in order.

Thanks to PSA's new Efficient Modular Platform 2, it's quite clever too. The new car is 308 pounds lighter than the old C4 Picasso. There is a reduced overhang (-2.75 inches at the front), the engine sits lower (by -1.57 or 1.96 inches depending on the engine), the floor got 0.78 inches closer to the ground, and it has wider tracks (+3.22 inches at front and +1.22 inches at the rear) for better handling. That also means it's compact on the outside, while interior space just go bigger than ever.


The slim LED daytime-running lights and the chrome "C" shape on the sides make it stand out in the parking lot, while eight colors and three wheel-sizes will be offered. The panoramic windscreen and large glass roof lets plenty of light into the cabin, where there is an asymmetric dashboard design with the driver’s side being primarily black fading to a lighter shade on the passenger side with a "sparkle effect finish". There are two screens, a 7" touchscreen and a 12" panoramic HD for everything else. You can even set a family picture (or a puppy) as a desktop background.

Active cruise control, lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring keeps you safe, while the options list has everything from massage leather seats to park assist, key less entry or 360 birds eye view thanks to four cameras helping you with the car's dimensions. The diesel engines are cleaner than ever, while apart from the six-speed manual, there's a new clutchless automatic in case you want extra storage compartment where the third pedal should be.


Is this the perfect family car? Well, I will try to get one to review as soon as it arrives around here, than we will see. But since America won'g get it anyway, what's your opinion? Do you miss modern French cars?