Cinquento Nuovo! New Fiat 500 Pics Arrive

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According to our sources at Interpol, Fiat's revealing its new 500 minicar this week. As as such, early press shots have already leaked to the web. The new minicar, which takes its cues from the classic Cinquecento by way of the Fiat Trepiuno concept car of 2004, will hit dealerships in Europe later this year. The joint project will Ford Europe is also expected to spawn a replacement for the Ford Ka built on the same platform. Still no word on the Abarth tuner version, but you know that's coming. [UPDATE: They didn't so much leak as premiere for those who signed up at But be careful, you only get one look.]

Svelata in anteprima sul web la nuova Fiat 500 [Motori Online]

Spy Photos: Fiat 500 Presentation Leaked; Designing 500: Fiat Looking for Ideas; Spy Photos: Fiat Cinquecento; Sketches Emerge of New Fiat 500; Ford and Fiat Team up on new Fiat 500, Ka [internal]


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LA Stunt Double

It is ok, but a little busy- too many doodads and lines, especially on the front. Clean it up a little, and it will be great.

As far as cool retakes on the old models, i really like the suzuki LC concept from a while back:…

Especially the plaid seats.