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Cincinnati impounding cars with oversize wheels

Illustration for article titled Cincinnati impounding cars with oversize wheels

Cincinnati residents who enjoy a higher view of the road thanks to oversized wheels are having their vehicles impounded by the Cincinnati police who only return them after an inspection, saying rims are suddenly a safety issue.


Why the law enforcers of WKRP-land decided chrome spinners were menacing the populace more than a decade after they became popular isn't known; city officials have yet to explain the reasoning behind the move. Owners say the crackdown came without warning, and that if a vehicle doesn't pass a city inspection, the owner must pay an impound fee, a fine and hire a tow truck to haul it out of the city lot.

It's here where one has to mention Cincinnati's history of ill will between police and black residents, a relationship that's reportedly healing after 2001 riots. Know what could sustain those improvements? Explaining decisions rather than making unannounced shifts in enforcement that leave people without transportation. Anything else is just spinning.


H/T to skredberry! [Photo: JasonStaten via Flickr]

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