Ciao Babies: Lamborghini Shows Versace Edition Murcilago at Paris Show

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Lamborghini introduced a new, limited-edition Murci lago geared toward Italian counts and the countesses who sweat them. It's the LP640 Versace (that's ver-sach-ee, not ver-say-ss), a variant of the company's higher-spec flagship, the one with the 6.5-liter V12, zero-to-60 times in the 3.4-second range, and overall ornery disposition. Maison Versace's providing something called "full grain nappa" with the company logo, custom-designed wheels, white "Isis" paint scheme, interior accoutrements and a set of embroidered, his-and-hers luggage. It's all showcasing Lambo's personalization program, or "ad personam," which may or may not be latin for "Eurotrash in the hizznouse." [Gallery]


Lambo's Enzo: The Lamborghini LP640 [internal]

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Al Navarro

Or better yet, a la Dodge, does it come with matching Versace hotpants?