Chrysler To Detroit Auto Show: "Yeah, We Got Nothin'"

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Chrysler has taken the art of blowing smoke up consumer asses to a new level at this year's Detroit Auto Show, unveiling enough paint-and sticker-special editions to fill an entire gallery. Nitro Detonator? Really? Let's take a depressing look.

Click through each of the images in the gallery below to read more about how Chrysler's trying to fool you into thinking they've actually got something going on at this year's Detroit Auto Show. Unless, of course, you're looking for a Nitro "Detonator."

We'll put it to you this way — we knew the "Detonator" was coming and we didn't even think it was important enough to let you know about it. How's that for confidence?

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Get off Chrysler's back.

I'm surprised they even have special edition models. Good for them - I say. Besides - as we all know [Or should know - unless you have been living in a cave] all of the new stuff is still a few months to a year away. Do you guys berate someone who just got out of the hospital - making fun of them for not looking their best? Chrysler's future is still IN the future. Next years DAS will be a night and day difference. Count on it.