Chrysler PR Main Man Jason Vines Corrects Self, New CEO Bob Nardelli's Resume

Earlier this morning we caught Chrysler PR VP Jason Vines on WDIV, Detroit's NBC affiliate — again. This time, in addition to pushing this afternoon's employee celebration and the re-unveiling of the pentastar logo, he corrected his late night gaff on new Chrysler CEO, Bob Nardelli's, resume. This time, Vines is his usual congenial and General-ly Electric self — much like these shots taken this weekend of workers pulling down the old DaimlerChrysler signs outside of the Auburn Hills HQ and putting up signs for the new company. But hey, I feel like they don't realize Chrysler's now spelled either C-E-R-B-E-R-U-S or C-H-R-Y-S-L-E-R-B-E-R-U-S. Oh well, we guess the spelling they've got up will do. And hey, we even hear they should have themselves some decent weather out there today — thanks Guy!




My only memories the Pentastar logo are of the flimsy and horrible k-car. Yeah, I know it "saved" Chrysler, but they were real heaps of crap. Is that really the foundation they want for the new company? Wouldn't something "fresh" be a better idea?