Chrysler Offers Employee Pricing On Dodge Viper, Extends Deal To Wal-Mart, Cerberus Employees

Further bolstering snarky bloggers' ruthless ribbing of Chrysler as a company on the ropes and desperate for any money it can get, the Cerberus-owned brand is extending employee pricing to the Dodge Viper SRT10. Employees, spouses, friends and acquaintances (basically the entire city of Detroit) can get any Viper as long as it isn't the fire-breathing ACR model for the same pricing deal as a Jeep Patriot. Chrysler is even going out and offering that pricing to the 1.2 million employees of Chinese importer retail giant Wal Mart and to Chrysler's bosses at Cerberus. Despite calls to Dodge dealers we've not been able to determine what pricing will be for the V10-powered anti-grocery-getter with the employee deal but it's usually around 3% off the sticker price. With the dearth of Vipers about the crowd America's freeways, we're expecting the number of Nick Bollea-related incidents to skyrocket. Well, as long as any of those people can get a loan.
[Chrysler via Carscoop]


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