Chrysler Gunning for Cop Car Sales

Though no automaker gets rich from producing police package vehicles, the market represents a chance to move inventory and put your vehicle in the public consciousness. That's one of the reasons Chrysler is aiming to steal some of the share from Ford/Chevy with it's hemi-powered Charger and Magnum wagon. The pair can outrun and outstop both the Vics and Impalas, and are also seriously mean looking (the Impala looks sort of cross-eyed).

Ford still predicts it will carry 80% of the market, but it hasn't surprised us to see a significant increase in the Chargers around the Illinois (including for the Department of Treasury Police). Have you noticed any in your neck-of-the-woods? Many we've seen have been blacked-out with the smoke-colored graphics. [WSJ]


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