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OK, so we'll totally called this one. True, we called it humorously, but whatevs, we'll take our wins when and where we can. Under the terms of an agreement announced early Thursday companies owned by Oleg Deripaska, the Russian entrepreneur, will pay $1.54 billion to acquire 20 million Class A shares of Magna International. Magna CEO Frank "Stroke Me, Stroke Me" Stronach claims the transaction has nothing to do with the Chrysler bid — but it's hard not to think that the additional hot injection of cold Russian capital from Deripaska doesn't have something to do with it. So this means if the Magna deal goes through we'll have the same guy who owns GAZ also now owning part of the Chyrsler Group — so we guess GAZ will finally be able to steal those Jeep designs legally. Ah, the joys of Capitalism! [Hat tip to AllenParkPete!]

Russian billionaire buying Magna stake [Report On Business]

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