Chrysler Execs to Sebring, Nitro: Drop Dead

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Apparently, the Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Nitro are such crap, even Chrysler executives can't muster the requisite team spirit to defend them. Well, maybe not crap, per se. How about "embarrassing misses." And let's face it, these two are indeed the most embarrassing misses since Betty Ford (you'll get that joke later). Those and other descriptors turned up on an Internet Q&A among Chrysler employees who feel the company turned out two losers that are behind competitors on nearly all major categories, from design to drivetrain to fuel economy to noise and vibration. According to the online convo, the company hit a competitive target that underestimated where competitors would be when the cars were released. Yoinks.


Chrysler rethinks design after duds [Detroit News via Winding Road]

The Truth About The New Chrysler Sebring's Design [internal]

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Maybe Chrysler can save the Sebring by hiring some of the people that did photochops of the vehicle on Carspyshots. A lot of people cleaned up the exterior of the car and made it look....attractive. Or they can go the cheap route, buy some Roewes from China and badge them as Chryslers ;) Actually, call me sick but the Roewe wouldn't look too shabby with a Chrysler logo on it.